Erbium Yag Pre and Post Care

Erbium Yag
Pre and Post Care
Before The Treatment:

  • Discuss and disclose any healing disorders such as diabetes mellitus, connective tissue disease or radiation/chemotherapy.
  • Discuss the history of any hypertrophic scarring or keloid formations or other skin diseases.
  • Discuss and disclose if there is an active infection or history of herpes simplex of the lips, mouth or face. Erbium yag can activate cold sores. There is a preventive prescription that can be taken prior, please call us if you do not have those from your health provider.
  • Discuss and disclose allergies to topical anesthetics.
  • Erbium Yag cannot be performed if pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Must be off Accutane for at least 12 months prior to treatment with Erbium Yag.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun, tanning beds at least 4 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Ensure you have a post laser balm such as Alastin Sooth and Protect Recovery Balm ($40). This can be purchased on your appointment day or online. If you cannot get this, please prepare a thick skin protectant such as Aquaphor on hand.
  • Ensure you have clean beddings on the day of your erbium treatment.

Day Of Erbium Yag Treatment

  • Do not wear makeup. Face should be clean.
  • You may take Tylenol an hour prior to your appointment.

Immediately After

  • Client responses vary. Burning, heat, redness, swelling, itchiness and sunburned sensation may be experienced.
  • Skin may also feel tight.
  • A thick skin protectant such as Soothe and Protect recovery Balm or Aquaphor will be applied.
  • An ice pack (not direct ice) may be applied to help soothe the areas of dicomfort.
  • Avoid sun exposure.

Expectations Following Treatment

  • Redness will be present in the treatment area and can last from a few hours up to a few days.
  • Heat sensation can be intense for 2-3 hours after treatment. Occasionally oozing can occur in isolated areas for a few days.
  • Depending on whether you got the ablative or fractional Erbium or your skin's reactions, your skin may or may not look sunburned for a few days. The appearance of the skin will be a darker tan color similar to sunburn.
  • The skin will become increasingly dark on days 3 to 6 until it begins to peel usually on the fifth day.
  • Once the peeling process is complete, the treated area is all a pink color and no longer raw. Stop the Aquaphor ointment but keep the skin well moisturized with a lotion such as Lubriderm or Cetaphil. Also begin using a non-irritating sunblock (SPF 30+) and use mineral make-up (powder) to protect treated areas (do not use liquid foundation as it may clog pores and irritate new skin).
  • Some clients may also experience itching or temporary acne break outs.
  • It is important to protect your skin by using SPF protection for at least 30 days post treatment.
  • A few days post procedure, clients will experience mild peeling of the skin. The peeling is similar to the effects of sunburn. Do not pick at the peeling skin, as it may lead to scarring.

General Skincare

  • Makeup may be applied over the treated area 24 hours after the treatment
  • Avoid shaving the treated area for 48-hours after the procedure.
  • Wash treated area with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. Examples of a gentle cleanser include Neutrogena or Cetaphil. Reapply Soothe and Protect recovery Balm or Aquaphor. The goal is to keep the treated areas moist and prevent crusting. Do not use regular soap or normal facial wash until 10 days after your procedure.
  • Shower as usual but be aware that the treated area may be a little temperature sensitive.
  • Do not rub, scratch or pick at the treated area. Treat the area gently. Pat skin dry after bathing or showering. An antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin may be applied. Neosporin and Polysporin are not recommended.
  • Avoid chlorine, hot tubs and swimming pools during the treatment program.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun and tanning beds for 30 days prior to the treatment.
  • Avoid the use of exfoliants, loofah sponges and aggressive scrubbing to the treated areas.
  • You may resume your regular skincare regimen after day 10.

Call us for any questions/concerns on your Erbium Yag treatment.

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