Coolsculpting Pre and Post Op Care

Your Cool Journey
Today is just the beginning. There's a lot to look forward to. This guide will help you understand what to expect after treatment and hot to get the most from your cool journey.

What To Expect

  • Results can be seen as early as 6 weeks, but you can expect full results between 4 and 6 months after your treatment.
  • You may be able to see results after 1 treatment but you may need multiple sessions depending on your goals and treatment package.
  • There is little to no downtime and most people can return to their regular activities after treatment.

What You'll Feel

You may feel some tenderness or numbness in the treated area. This is normal and temporary.

Other common side effects after treatment include redness, swelling, firmness, blanching (skin looks pale), mild bruising, tingling, stinging, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity.

If you were treated under the chin or below the jawline, you may feel a sensation of fullness in the back of your throat.

Follow-Up Matters
You want to see results, and so does your Dolce Aesthetics CoolSculpting provider! It's important to follow up like you would any medical procedure.

  • Take advantage of before and after photos to track your transformation at follow-up.
  • Many treatment plans include 2 or more treatment sessions. It's important to follow your unique treatment plan to help reach the goal you and your provider discussed.

Next Steps In Your Journey
As your CoolSculpting specialist at Dolce Aesthetics explained, CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution. It is still possible to gain weight after your treatment. So, it's important to note that weight gain after your procedure can prevent you from appreciating your full results.

Many people find that their exciting CoolSculpting results are a source of extra motivation to pursue a healthier lifestyle and stay close to their ideal weight.

What will your transformation inspire?

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.