Dolce Aesthetics™ is proud to offer EMSCULPT NEO, a noninvasive body contouring technology that safely and effectively helps you tighten and strengthen your abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks without spending hours at the gyms or aggressively dieting. This revolutionary device uses both radiofrequency (RF) energy and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to treat multiple sections of the body. Schedule an appointment with a member of our skilled aesthetic team at our Scottsdale or Chandler, AZ facility to learn more about EMSCULPT NEO and other body contouring procedures.

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Even with a proper diet and exercise routine, it can be difficult to tone up certain areas of your body. Thankfully, at Dolce Aesthetics, EMSCULPT NEO offers an innovative method of targeting unwanted areas of excess fat on your body while also contracting muscles for a tighter, toned figure: The many benefits of EMSCULPT NEO include:

  • Fast, convenient treatment sessions that can fit into your busy schedule
  • Minimally-invasive procedures that require little to no downtime
  • FDA-approved technology that is backed by research
  • Long-lasting results that you can enjoy for many months
  • Customized treatment plans that will lead to your optimal outcome

Although this body sculpting treatment has been helpful for individuals of any age group, we have learned that it is a better fit for some patients compared to others. During your initial consultation at Dolce Aesthetics, we can identify whether you are a good candidate to have this treatment. We typically recommend EMSCULPT NEO for individuals who:

  • Are at or near their ideal weight
  • Have a body mass index of 30 or less
  • Have troublesome areas of fat that won’t respond to exercise and diet
  • Want to strengthen and tone their muscles
  • Are seeking a nonsurgical treatment

EMSCULPT NEO combines RF and HIFEM energies to manually contract muscles in the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. The energies work together to contract and heat the fat tissues quickly, eliminating fat cells and firming the surrounding muscles. Following your sessions, you may feel some muscle soreness due to the powerful contractions created during the treatment. You may need to avoid exercising the muscles that were treated in the procedure for a few days. Most clients see noticeable results after their first visit; however, you should plan additional sessions to sustain your results.