Most facials take a one-size-fits-all approach to skin care treatments, but DiamondGlow is a superior, customized facial that is designed to address your individual skin needs. The specialized facial involves the use of a customizable diamond tip and incorporates the SkinMedica® line of skin care products so that every step of the procedure is customized to your needs. Dolce Aesthetics™ offers this treatment at our Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ facilities so that our clients can attain the specific skin results they desire. Contact us today to find out how DiamondGlow can help you reveal your natural radiance.

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Before the procedure, you’ll be led to one of our private treatment rooms where you will make yourself comfortable. A member of our aesthetic team will decide on the best diamond tip to use in the DiamondGlow wand, as well as the products that will best care for your skin. We then exfoliate away dead skin, cleanse your pores, and infuse your skin with SkinMedica serums and moisturizers. After your treatment, your skin will look and feel revitalized. Many clients see a dramatic improvement in their complexion after one facial. Your results can be maintained with additional regular treatments.